Reminiscent of Hanoi

“In the world full of trends, I want to remain classic” – Iman

Being born and raised in Hanoi, I am fascinated with Hanoian’s classic lifestyles, those ancient streets and its stories. As Iman once said, “In the world full of trends, I want to remain classic”. I found that the attractive point of Hanoi is its retro vibe and classical lifestyle. As reported, Hanoi welcomed nearly 24 million international tourists in 2017. Surprisingly, Australia ranks 8 in top 29 international visitors in Vietnam. Being aware of how potential the tourism market of Hanoi is, I want to make a project to attract more and more visitors. Reminiscent of Hanoi aims to remain the classic vibe of Hanoi through Hanoian’s stories and images. Besides, I want to spread the stories of Hanoi through all over the world. I believe that a culture of a country is created by local people. By telling stories of Hanoian, I hope I can deliver the message of lifestyles and culture from my country to the foreigners.


I choose the concept of capturing images attached to stories about Hanoi. I understand the how difficult to adapt and understand a new culture. In my own perspective, a culture is established by individuals, each individual has their own stories, and each story contains a society’s beliefs, ideologies and values. By telling Hanoian’s daily stories, I hope readers can somehow understand our cultures and lifestyles.


I intend to use auto-ethnography, which is an approach to research and writing that seeks to describe and systematically analyze personal experience in order to understand the cultural experience. (Carolyn Ellis, 2004). I tend to use Instagram to implement my idea for two main reasons. Firstly, since the project targets to both the Vietnamese and foreigners at the age of 18 to 25, I found that Instagram is the most suitable and sustainable platform to engage with the target audience. Secondly, I have the capability of taking and retouching photos, due to my personal strength, I think my Instagram feed is one of the hooked points to attract the audience. In addition, the content will be written in two languages, English and Vietnamese. Applying the #FIST (Fast, Inexpensive, Simple and Tiny), I plan to post weekly and most of the material is from my own portfolio created by me since I was in Hanoi.

Social Utility

My motivation is to create a platform through which my international friend can understand my country. Furthermore, in the age of globalization, when Vietnamese people are affected by many different cultures, I think every individual should take responsibility for acquiring modern perspectives and remaining the national cultures and values at the same time. In the long-term, I hope this project will be the platform which can promote a range of foreigners visit Hanoi and remind the Vietnamese studying abroad student of our countries.


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Carolyn Ellis, 2004, The Ethnographic, California

VNA, 2017, ‘Hanoi to welcome 24 million visitors this year’,, 7th December 2017, <;

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